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Retaining Walls

Clean & Dry Footing needed

Block retaining walls can be waterproofed the day after core-filling has been done.
In able for us to waterproof your retaining wall successfully, it is essential that we have a footing to lap the membrane onto.
The footing must be dry and clear of debris prior to waterproofing, and we need a working space of at least one metre.



Coreflute is suitable for small height walls and areas with soft backfill.
Drainage Cell should be used for higher walls and areas with stones, rocks or site debris in the backfill.
It is more expensive than Coreflute, but is needed to protect the membrane from damage.


Wet Retaining Wall

If it has been raining and the wall won't dry, we have a membrane that can be applied.
Cetco Ultraseal BT sheet membrane can be applied to a damp or wet wall.
It is more expensive, but helps the project move forward.